Thursday, 11 July 2013

Always the right feel with Sax Appeal...!!! :)~

I'm back!! I have taken a long break (too long!!) from my blog, and it's time to bring it back to life! :D It will continue to be images I have taken that "make me smile", and will include my latest work to date, because I do so love capturing moments that make me grin :D

I had the pleasure to photograph Sax Appeal at the 2013 Ottawa Jazz Festival this past June. I had the opportunity to enjoy the unique 4 piece ensemble for a jazzy performance surrounded by delighted spectators in the downtown core inside the Rideau Centre. Leader, Jarrod Goldsmith, does a fantastic job of tailoring performances to the musical tastes of clients to give them the feel they require for events such as weddings, corporate functions, cocktail/dinner parties, or whatever the event may be, get creative! :) 

I was also fortunate to photograph a live tv performance of Sax Appeal at Rogers TV in June. (More pics in a future post). I invite you to check out a Daytime Ottawa interview to learn more about the quartet, who play everything from classical to jazz, to funk, pop, rock, and everything in between. You will definitely be seeing more of this saxophone quartet in the summer of 2013 and beyond!! ;)~ ...and definitely right here as I continue to photograph the group as their success grows!

Sax Appeal Ottawa,  June 21 @ Rideau Centre, Ottawa Jazz Festival 2013

Sunday, 25 March 2012



I am so excited to inform that I have completed my shooting for my final portfolio. Very excited and proud of this accomplishment. I was fortunate to work with a talented photographer, Josh Driscoll, who is my fellow classmate. He was a perfect subject as a mime. :) Josh is extremely creative and expressive so photographing him today was very enjoyable! Marcel Marceau would have a run for his money!! :)
Josh, funny & creative as always :) March 25, 2012
This particular image is one of my favourites, the expression, the colour, the simplicity. Kinda sums up my style of shooting :P

Chowmein for now!! Friday, March 30th, I will be finished! Then off to Vancouver! Can't wait! The adventure continues!


Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hey there!

I've been having a great time with my models and my shoots, and I have a rather nice story with this particular subject, Shelly. I still had not confirmed a subject for my upcoming open shoot (my concept was to photograph a woman with wild, sexy hair while mock singing) and I was trying to organize the details while walking to the bus stop. There in front of me stopped at the crosswalk was a woman with a beautiful set of dreadlocks...and I thought...."God has placed this hair in front of me so I could photograph it". Upon passing the woman, I complimented her hair and asked if she had done any modelling, and when I asked if she would model for my shoot, she eagerly accepted! Very fortunate moment. Serendipity!

Shelly rockin' out on my hairdryer, March 2012
When she arrived at the studio, she was dressed to kill and very stunning in her gold high heeled boots and glamour fashion. It turns out Shelly is a rap artist looking to update her image and was searching for a photographer. Just goes to show, you never know who you're talking to! :P Shelly was a natural in front of the camera and brought my idea to life. This image makes me smile because one has to look twice to realize the subject is not holding a microphone, but is instead singing into my Conair hairdryer. Great shoot. Great subject. Great image. :)~ Thanks, Shelz

Monday, 27 February 2012


Hey again,

Time is flying! I've been getting in the studios, shooting during the break, and this particular shoot was extra fun! My fellow classmate and photographer, Kathy Beauregard, was kind enough to sit for me and bring out her 'inner clown'. She used to be a professional clown and entertained children and adults alike. She made the balloon animals in the photo; the all time classic poodle, hat, and parrot on her shoulder. This image makes me laugh, and I hope it brings a smile to everyone's face who sees it. Kathy's clown persona fits in perfectly with my portfolio theme "Embrace Your Inner Child".

Kathy embracing her inner child February 25, 2012

Sunday, 5 February 2012


I have decided to use this blog to showcase photographs I have taken that make me smile, a moment in time that made me point my camera, photos that when I look back on, I still smile. This particular image was taken outside a restaurant in the town of Johnstown, Ontario near Prescott.
3 lovely cats sitting pretty
Sadly, I didn't take a photo of the restaurant itself, but I was much too interested in the several cats that seemed to be living on the side of the building. The cats were timid, but seemed friendly all the same. I love this image because I was able to catch 3 cats looking at me at the exact same time. Their expressions are mysterious, they are calming and free. Love it :) People interested in rescuing a cat or dog and giving it a loving, caring home should visit their local SPCA.

Chowmein! ~_~

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Yay me!! :)

Hello again, I received a confirmation that I will be able to complete my field placement in none other that Vancouver, BC...! Very excited to say the least! I will be assisting Raeff Miles at his studio in the month of April for a couple of weeks. I have never been to Vancouver, except for a stop over while changing planes. I'm looking forward to this experience, and will definitely keep you up to date on all the latest scoop from B.C.!

Vancouver, BC stop over from Hong Kong - March 2011
Til then, Chowmein! ~_~

Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

Hello! This is officially my FIRST POST! Isn't that special.
New year, time to start blogging and promoting self. Hurrah. More to come from Ottawa,,...